All maps submitted by the public and prepared by the consultant team are posted to this page for public consideration. You can provide feedback on the proposed maps by submitting Public Comment. Maps must be submitted by October 25, 2021 to be considered by the 2021 District Lines Advisory Commission at their final meeting on October 28, 2021.

Board-Selected Map

At their Nov. 16 meeting, the Board selected the “Communities Together Map” and directed staff to bring that map back as an ordinance for Board consideration at the Board’s Dec. 7 meeting.


Current Districts 2020 Census Demographics
Population by Incorporated/Unincorporated Area
Incorporated/Unincorporated Population by District

PDF Draft Maps

A printable version of each PDF map is listed below, including a second page providing the demographics of each district. These maps are also available for viewing on the interactive review map below.

Public 52056 (Not population balanced)
Public 51492 (Not population balanced)
Public 51501 (Not population balanced)

DistrictR Draft Maps

A link to each electronic draft map is below. Total population for each proposed district is shown on the front page. Click the “Evaluation” tab for detailed demographic statistics.

Public Map 70088
Public Map 70084
Public Map 69935
Public Map 69857
Public Map 69539
Public Map 68792
Public Map 63132
Public Map 61564
Public Map 61222
Public Map 61095
Public Map 60510
Public Map 60507
Public Map 60476
Public Map 60426
Public Map 60401
Public Map 60329

Public Map 70762 (Not population balanced)
Public Map 68701 (Not population balanced)
Public Map 68171 (Not population balanced)
Public Map 59017 (Not population balanced)

DLAC Recommended Maps

Commissioner Espinoza Map
Unity Map
Unity Map (with Millbrae United)

Interactive Review Map

The ArcGIS interactive review map below allows users to zoom in and out and view draft maps. (No Longer Active)